A Hawaii Sub S Corporation with its headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii and has offices in São Paulo, Brazil and Orlando, Florida. Orion TT is a holding company of other travel based platforms within the travel Industry. Founded in 2014.

Founders: Gary L. German

Traveling in the 21st Century and Beyond To Boldly Go Where No Travel Company Has Gone Before Our ship is called the “Endeavor”


We are the 95% of the travelers on every plane every day! So we know their pain, their grief and their stress!

We are the middle class traveler who wishes we could travel more, especially when we have vacation days.  Most of the time, we are living paycheck to paycheck.  No money to travel when we get vacation days, if we take 2 weeks vacation, we are scared that our jobs will be replaced and there will be no job to come back to you after our vacations.  

We live from Paycheck to Paycheck

We don’t even have sick leave so we have to go to work when we are sick!

We have a travel Budget

We are trying to go to a funeral with no or little cash in the bank
We have a travel emergency last minute

We don’t have a lot of money to travel in emergencies

We are looking for a bargain to offset our low travel budget

We want to travel more but we can’t because of our income and our size of our family

We would love to afford a meal on the plane and WIFI to keep us entertained throughout the flight

18% of the total passengers on any given plane participate in purchasing inflight entertainment- that number is low because of the high costs to be entertained.


Gary German

Futurist-Digital strategist-Consumer Licensing Pro-Mobile APP & Content Specialist-Entertainment Public Relations mentor-Seasoned Entrepreneur in the Aviation, Travel, Mobile content, and Device, and technology industries.  

Mr. German is currently working as a futurist strategist in the Artificial Intelligence Voice Recognition field and within The Internet of Things. 

Mr. German is involved with several companies from startups to Fortune 500.  From Amusement Park Facial Recognition to VTOL transportation. 

He is currently working on an Ai Platform like no other in the Travel Space that will allow all travelers to have their travel assistant.  By coding in Python, using deep learning analytics and Machine learning and combining data mining and cluster analysis. That will arrive at a patentable Algorithm that will change everything we do in the travel space. 

Mr. German has over 30 years’ experience in Aviation, Travel, Entertainment Marketing, Digital Strategy, Mobile Strategy, within Consumer Licensing and as an Idea and Naming Consultant.  In the past, as a futurist, he has helped major companies with what their existing products will look like within a three-year window.  

He has founded five successful businesses and has taken two companies through an IPO. He has licensed many consumer products, invented mobile games, developed mobile apps, written three screenplays and on his second novel called “The Alien Within Us.” At this moment, he is working on a new book called “The Halo Affect,” a Da Vinci Code-like mystery covering the “Lost Years of Christ.” 




After graduating from Big Twelve University in the early 1980s, he began his career instead of working for a large business conglomerate; He chose to quit this career and was hired as a flight attendant for a major airline. He had 70 of the 10,000 candidates to be hired. He credits the hiring of being a college life guard. He flew all over the world and airplanes became his second knowledge system.

In the late 1980s, he was hired as National Director of Promotions for Movies USA, a 1 million Circulation ad post distributed in theaters. The magazine was sold in 1992 to E Television.

In 1991, along with three other entrepreneurs, he helped with the launching of Movies USA.  A million Circulation advertisement driven publication distributed in movies theaters.  It was later sold to MTV Networks. 

In 1993, he and a team of engineers came up with a way to transform, decode, and compress analog video to a LAN using 10BaseT and regurgitated into digital video, a critical technology that was called “Video on Demand” and later called streaming video to the Internet.  He then worked getting this digital technology into the seat backs of major airlines around the globe, into newsrooms across the world and into cruise ship cabins. While involved with the feature film industry he became involved with product placement opportunities to major feature films in the late ’80s and 1990s. In 1990, he became a consultant to with CNN during the beginning of the Gulf War until 1996.  He worked with TBS and CNN’s Internet Strategies.

1993, Mr. German founded I-Captivate, LLC a Publicity and Public Relations firm focusing on Internet and video on demand entertainment technology companies. The company is now a successful consulting firm. In 1994, while implementing PR strategies for technology companies he simultaneously started InternetFX, one of the first Internet consulting firms to illustrate and enforce their Internet and e-commerce strategies, he later sold the company in 1998.  

While still growing I-Captivate, in 1997 he dove into the Internet space and started sTupid PC, the first PC manufacturer to sell a sub $1000 PC that included the monitor and delivery of the product to the door. It also included free instruction. He later took the company public in 1998. 

In 1999, he started CoolMan, the first home controlled voice-recognition all-in-one computer system using voice and touch screen to self-automate the home and office. From that product, “Ginger” the first Tablet PC with a touch- screen enabling games and business apps.  

Also, in 1999 he started AgeSpan, a senior portal concentrating on the high citizen marketplace and training seniors with today's technology, in 2000, he sold 90% of the company but still consults with the buyers.  

I-Captivate became a CEO Publicist Firm that branded CEO’s in the Technology arena. The first true social media platform for CEO’s. The company focused on branding the CEO in the Dot Com era. He worked with many top Internet Mavericks of that era. 

In 2002-2010, he was instrumental in Mobile Licensing and strategy; he has licensed many products and top brands. He licensed these significant brands for 3D mobile games, Mobile Stick-on Skins, Mobile apps and Mobile awareness campaigns for various Mobile Carrier groups in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Mr. German was involved with the first dual camera phone platform for smart-phones and tablet projects before facetime.  

In 2008, he was instrumental in putting together the first Internet device into an automobile with Orion Entertainment Systems. In 2009, he worked on DRM, Mobil Digital Pirating Prohibitory Software program to discontinue digital pirating all over the globe within the Music, Movies, DVD, Software, Ebook, and Gaming Industries. The Project is called (ULYSSES). 

2009-2012, Mr. German founded a new Mobile Technology that allows consumers to buy products with an easy-to-use UPC itemization platform.  The new mobile app allowed consumers to walk out the door of a store with a cart of products and simultaneously scans all products and deducts them with an on-file credit card, bank or Paypal account which gives customers a break from going through the long check out lines. (QUICKPAY) 

From 2012-2015 he took off to spend time with his children and to write several novels. Today, Mr. German is involved again at launching a worldwide phenomenon called STARQUEST, The First Mobile Luggage Advertising Billboard which allows consumers to become brand ambassadors of their favorite brands and gain awards.